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Solar System gr 4
Earth and Space 
General Teaching Sites

Lang arts 1
Lang arts 2
Math 1
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Social Studies
Water USCG

Biomes & ecosytems of the world.Gr1-5
Exploratorium- Space weather
Exploratorium- for teachers.
Life Science
Physical Science
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Simple machine pics/notes
Good examples of simple machines
Interactive game of many simple/compound machines Excellent
Thinking about being an inventor
Animal Adaptations Sholastic Gr 3-6
The Planets.

NASA main site
NASA Planets- weight on each
More planets
Kids Astronomy

BBC planet search
Animations and geomysteries

Rocks & mineralgr3

Mineralproperties/minerals in your house.

Wunderground weather around the world. gr 4-6


Brainpop movie.Sound

Exploratorium-Some old instruments


Exploratorium electrical experiments..
MOS Theater of Electricity
Energy Kids Page

Physical  Science 
Properties of matter
Elements , compounds and mixtures.
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Windows to the Universe
(Includes Myths, , rocks physics, life,planets)
Nature New England
Electronic Zoo
Mass Wildlife
 Mass/New England

Insects and Butterflies
Butterfly webquest gr 2

Odd & unusual instruments

Science Net Links/links topics/standards

Creature Feature
ZooBooks gr1-2

How Stuff works
Animal pics, videos, sounds
Star Child

Figure out how many Kwh
Landforms &Rocks gr 2-5
Wonderville -save the earth game
Matter 6th grade

Chemical elements
World biomes-Lincoln Pk Zoo
Animal facts Switchzoo list
Seeing through camoflage-NOVA

Climate change Games
Climate game- eco kids
Mass Agricultural site
Earth, moon and sun. Gr 2-5

Climate Change

Enchanted Learning Biomes
Earth day carbon footprint.

Compare sizes of planets

Rock cycle animations
Fossils  gr 2
Fossil & dinosaur fun
Learn about pitch BBC

 How to find a science project

ARKive- w/Rich Attenborough
Soil/weathering/erosion Gr 4
Erosion interactive
What causes erosion

Utah gen science interactives, G3-6
American Southwest landmarks..
NPS Natural landmarks

Helps you find a a science fair project

Water cycle webquest
Interesting Chinese music
The Water Cycle- animation

Animal research 2-5

Enchanted Lg animals by continent
Energy Transfer BBC 
Blobz -interactive site all basic electric components
Simple machine game
Wisc conduction, radiation, convection.heat transfer
USCG-watersheds of US
Ocean currents-world

Census of Marine Life
Instruments from trash.
Classification game Gr 4.
Animal research  
Animal Fact Guide
Mass endangered species.
Actual site identifying fossils
Digging for dinosaurs- game
Fun sound site- Bash the Trash
Science videos, Smithsonian
Animals A-Z