Math 1
Math 2
Triton Regional  School District
Mikids  many games K-4

Make your own Snowflake online, post to the gallery.

Art /Music

Reading  2
Mouse Games K-1
Boowa& Kwala.
Fun all year. K-1

Peep games K-1
Typing 4th gr 

Stop watch
Reading 1
Social Studies
Internet Safety

Guess Who?
ABCYA- all grades

Internet Safety Week
Animal Puzzles
Privacy Playground adv 1 3 Little Pigs
Cyber Sense adv 2 3 Little pigs

Math 3

Top Marks

The Fungoons (K)

Typing K-2
Fun things to do ..........K-2
Fun things to do Gr 3-6

How well do you know computers?.
Inventors playhouse. have fun

Draw a snowflake

Typing Jets- home row 

Create an animation
Cteate music to fonts/words
Create an underwater scene K-1
Create your own magazine cover
Word Clouds 

All levels typing.

More timers!
Media smarts- Pirate treasure map  Gr 4 
Using the internet- rules video gr 1

Typing Zoo- kinder.
TritonTech Hub
Rats- Shape game
Parents- links for online resources, used in school(can be used at home also)
Reflex Math
Big Brainz
Study Island
Moby Max
Keyboard Climber.
Interested in dinosaurs?

Keyboard Challenge

Brainpop JR
QR code converter
Don't Blink.

Kinder typing letters
Tagul Word clouds

Cool math holiday games
Winter fun
4th grade typing practice
4th grade practice and test levels
Mrs. Raycroft's Web
The place to go for fun, and all kinds of information.

Type a Balloon 1-5
Coding K-2
Coding gr 2-8
coding video- k-2
comp science video 3-6
Star Wars video 3-6
Course 2
comp science changing world
Picasso  drawing