Social Studies Links.
Language arts 1
Language arts 2
Math 1
Math 2
American History
The List of links 1600-1800
Exploration in the New World 
The Aztecs Gr 2-6.
America's Story general site
Colonial History
Lewis & Clark official site gr 5-6
Eyewitness to History
The Mayans gr 4-6
PBS 'Liberty' Series gd battle info
Plimoth Plantation
North, south, middle colonies
Williamsburg Colonial village.
 Colonial Art study
Revolution gr 3-5
The Revolution
Link list 20th & 21st century
Colonial Settlement
Westward Expansion
Library of Congress main site
History Central, all eras
General US history Sites
Revolution events gr3-6
History of the Revolution
Battle of Saratoga
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island History Channel
Liberty State Park
Immigrant Stories
Mayan Life
John Cabot British Explorer
Francis Pizzaro
Local History/Mass/Essex Co
World Geography 
Essex National Heritage
Sheppard Software excellent way to learn geography, all levels, all countries
Marine Museum explorers
Thinkquest Explorers
Enchanted Learning gr2-5 Explorers
Infoplease gen reference all geog topics,maps gr3-6
Eduplace PDF maps with lat/long lines
US State Maps
Immigrant lives
Time for Kids magazine,
 culture, history, facts, 
many countries
About Geog the  50 states
Nat Geographic, all countries, 50 states & Canada
Map- Zone All countries
NOAA Weather/Temps
Nussbaum, USA national monuments 
Mass Studies Project-extensive links
Kidszone- state House MA
Gravestone history-local
Primary Sources
Library of Congress Primary sources
The US 50 States
US Hist/Geog
Countries of the world
China K-3
Mexico  K-3
Europe, France, Spain, England, Russia.
Italy  K-3
Poland  K -3
Saudi Arabia. K-3
Selkie Myth Scotland
Mystery  Sites
Ancient Civilizations
Odyssey, Myths, livingetc Greece, Egypt, Asia, Africa gr 3-6
Maps info, all places in world and USA gr2-6
Sturbridge Village Kidszone
General list of many countries
DMOZ-Web directory-all subjects
Find the distances between any place in the world, using lat, long
Kid info Revolution
Scholastic Colonial site
Scholastic-First Thanksgiving
Early America-videos
Jorvik Center York
Nat geog John Smith and Jamestown- short videos
The first Explorers
Vikings BBC adventure
The Vikings. Nova
Earth from Space-NASA lat.long real photos,
 of landforms etc.
Economics teacher links, 
lesson plans
Explorer timeline overview
Lewis and Clark interactive 
Lewis & clark interactive trail map.
Lewis & Clark- Nussbaum site
Math 3
Label the continents-Gr2
Clickmap-Zoom in layer, world or continents
The Great Depression
PBS movie riding the rails
General links on depression
How depression affects kids
Children of the Great Depression
The world in the 1930s all topics
Riding the rails account
The Dust Bowl 
Compass and mapwork
World map jigsaw puzzle. Gr 4-6
Nat Geog Kids- many countries
Global Trek- Scholastic- many countries.
 symbolism of flags.
Global Projects
Heifer International
Free Rice
World Wildlife Federation
Label world map Nat Geog - Gr 3-6
Map Activities
The Revolution in Boston
A mapping and point of view activity. 
Historical Research
Take me Back to- anytime
Time Zones
Times difference between from where you are.