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Children's literature web site,authors listed alphabetically
Nancy Keane library site
Carol Hurst reading site
American Library Association
Fairy Tales-read along, w/pictures &sound (K- 2)
Multicultural Tales/from around the world (gr 2-6)
Tales from Korea (gr k-2)
Paul Bunyan w/video/sound
Fairy Tales
Multicultural Tales.
Tall Tales
Character descriptions from tall tales.
Myths and Fables to read
Myths, fables.from many countries to read (gr 1-3)
Ken Nesbit poetry site 
Poetry pattern samples
Giggle poetry  
Poetry Lane.
K- 4
Poems from around the world
Sun poems
Favorite poem project
Gr 4-6
Rhymezone, multiple rhymes for words.
Bunyips, Aboriginal lore and tales.
Writing for an Audience
World Stories
Aesops Fables
General poetry links
Kidskonnect/many links

A million lives  (gr 3-6)
Linda Knaus Poetry
Writing Inspiration.
Gr 3-6 
Arts Connect.
Famous artists'  work for inspiration.
Journal/writing prompts
Myth writing w/ Jane Yolen
Scholastic writing, all types
CNN. non-Fiction pieces, 

Non- Fiction. (Gr 3-6)

e-pals/around the world
KidsSpace-write, illustrate.
Flat Stanley Gr 1-4
Write and hear new Flat Stanley adventures
Kid proj/  kidlink writing projects (gr2-6)
Kid projects, including writing.
I-earn Writing projects
Real kids writers 
Fairy tale webquest  (2-3)
Interactive, writing projects.
Finding Justice in fairytales  webquest (3-5)
Read alouds online 
Beatrix Potter Books(K-2)
Thinkport, online books 

Comic strip writing
Real kids, writer's forum
Monster Exchange Online  Project
NPR short story project 
(gr 6 small moments)

Stories w/audio gr(2-4)
Mystery Reading
Current events/literary Magazines
Yaks Corner 2-4
Time for Kids gr 3-6
Mystery Kids network
Scary Read Alouds

RL Stine's Nightmare Room.
Moonlit Road
Scouts spine chillers.
Scary Stories
Museum of Achievement Gr 5-6
Magic Keys gr K-2

Starfall Reading booksgr k-2
Boowakwala gr k-2
Between the Lions, PBS
Read Alouds Gr 2-6
Biographies of Authors
History channel biographies
Bigraphical Dictionary
Stories, tales interactive 
Solve a mystery, share a mystery(gr 3-6).
 Lang arts 2
Math 1
Math 2
Soc Studies
Clifford stories gr 1
Picture books (2-6)
The Big Myth creationmyths
Getting started............
Halloween Scary Stories 4-6
Folktales, from the states.
US Folktales.
A Different Place Poetry.
Stories of the Greek and Roman Gods
Kids on the Net UK  3-6
Writing Fix-an everything site
Writing in Comic Strips
Comic X
Story starters Scholastic
Jack Prelutsky into posters
Winged Sandals- Greek myths, videos
Character Traits
Lecky's friends - 
character development
Tumble Books- story, chapter & non-fiction
Great ideas around books- teachers /kids
Marshmallow video- to eat or not?
Story Museum, 1001 stories, in sections with audio.
Aesops fables story vide, by Penguinbooks
Poetry Pack BBC gr 1